28 November 2013

I’m an audio artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia.

My creative practice investigates the relationship between people and their environments through sound.

Using in-depth interviews, field recordings and original compositions, I’m drawn to stories that inform and challenge our understandings of the natural and built environments we live in. I make documentaries and podcasts, perform live shows, and curate sound works. My work has been featured on CBC, BBC, ABC RN, Radiotopia and Re:Sound. Previously, I worked for CBC Original Podcasts as a producer on The Fridge Light, and Sleepover with Sook-Yin Lee.


In 2017, Jess Shane and I launched Constellations, a bi-weekly audio art podcast that illuminates audio art from a community of international artists making sound works that convey meaning through evocation and abstraction. Constellations features a wide-range of audio works which unravel the distinctions between experimental documentary, sound art, soundscapes, fiction, and music.

I graduated with an MA in Media Studies from Concordia in 2016.

You can email me below – or tweet at me here.