Ever since they began, restaurants have been mirrors of who we are: our social aspirations – and our social inequalities, reflecting and refracting both our best and worst selves. And today, Canadians and Americans spend more money dining out than ever before.

Through conversations with restaurateurs, chefs, food sociologists and food historians, producers Michelle Macklem and Zoe Tennant ask one central question: what does this institution – the restaurant – reveal about us as people?

Top-down photograph of meats, cheeses, bread and antipasto laid out on a table, with hands of various skin colours reaching for food

This documentary, which I co-produced with Zoe Tennant, is composed of interviews and soundscapes recorded in two cities (New York and Toronto), four restaurants, an old tavern, and two kitchens.

The Restaurant is a story about the French Revolution, turtles, the Civil Rights movement, disappearing white table cloths, Williamsburg, sexual anxieties and colonization.

It first aired on CBC Ideas on 21 May 2018; it was also heard on KALW in the San Francisco Bay Area on 4 September 2018. You can listen to it here.

15 November 2017

Constellations is an audio art project that illuminates work from a community of international artists craving and making experimental work that takes risks, and learns from other mediums.

Constellations curates and solicits audio art pieces from artists whose work floats beyond the borders of radio and podcasting. The pieces we air demand a deep listening experience, encouraging listeners to expand their conception of narrative, musicality and attention.

We release short and strange audio pieces from a wide range of audio makers and artists fortnightly on Fridays.

You can subscribe to Constellations on iTunes, or search for it on your favourite podcast app.

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Ode to My Last 10 Years of Dating (OTML10YOD) is an audio short story that charts the familiar sequences of romantic relationships. It stems from a personal experience, but embraces common feelings of closeness, connection, difficulty, love and loss. Let your mind wonder and project how you will.

OTML10YOD is written and composed by me.

It was released as a part of Constellations.

How does trauma function in our lives even after we try to forget? ’15 Years’ is an audio documentary that follows Shereen Ashman as she attempts to confront the residual impact of a shooting that forever changed her life. ’15 Years’ aired on Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4. It was produced by Michelle Macklem, Shereen Ashman and Daniel Guillemette.

29 December 2016

Mixtales was Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari, Michelle Macklem and Dane Stewart. We founded our radio collective on the belief that the imaginative power of sound amplifies the connective potential of storytelling. To that end, we produced fiction and non-fiction audio stories that explore relationships, perception and technology.

We launched in early 2016 with our first piece, ‘Alex‘, airing on The Heart. Subsequently, ‘FEMBOT‘ aired on ABC Radio National.

Website: http://www.mixtales.org/

Photo of four people – Dane, Katie, Matthew and Michelle
Mixtales (left to right): Dane Stewart, Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari, Michelle Macklem

‘Alex’ first aired on The Heart’s ‘Ghost’ season in spring 2016.

Powerful memories are like paused tapes in our minds – a hum barely heard beneath the noise of our everyday – ready to be played at any moment.

This audio fiction explores the process of falling in love with someone, fading away and eventually discovering all that you have left of them is a memory. Carter, our narrator, is on a present-day first date with Frankie, but is distracted by memories of past lover, Alex, which play like a tape in his head. But with each replaying, the tapes seem to have warped – or maybe Carter has.

Produced by Mixtales: Dane Stewart, Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari and Michelle Macklem. Special thanks to Renée Hodgins, Emily Skahan and Mira Burt-Wintonick.

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‘My Anxiety’ was shortlisted in two categories at the HearSay International Arts Festival: Create HearSay2015 Gold and Best Student Produced.

You can listen to the piece here:

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How do we sonically account for the inaudible communication that surrounds us? The endangered Rana Aurora, or Northern Red-Legged Frog, lives on the West coast of Canada and has a unique call that can only be heard underwater.

This piece uses underwater field recordings from Vancouver Island, pairing the sounds of the Rana Aurora with that of the human-constructed radio broadcast signal. It explores the sounds that surround us everyday, but that we fail to recognize.

Special thanks to Paige Erickson-McGee and the Habitat Acquisition Trust.

Photo of a frog

5 May 2016
Photo of two women hugging

Two women who fall in love. Both from separate paths that eventually converge over their experiences with disability, technology and how they see the world. Together, Danielle and Lindsay have built a life that celebrates the beautiful and the difficult. Selected as a part of Surround Sound Documentary Festival’s 2016 programming, airing in August. Originally aired as a part of Adaptive podcast series, episode 4. — Musical contribution in this episode by Lorrie Edmonds.

I produced season one of the podcast series called Beyond Disciplines with Kendra Besanger, Katie Hill and Constance Lafontaine. This series is produced with the Faculty of Arts & Science at Concordia University. In the first season of the series, we tackle global issues – like the impact of CRISPR on genetics research – by speaking to professors and researchers across the fields of arts and science. For more information about the series visit their website or subscribe on iTunes. You can listen to a preview of the series here: