28 December 2018

Recorded on location in Northern California, ‘Tiny Jalopy’ eavesdrops on the world of the hummingbird. Glimpse this bird’s enchanting, brisk microcosm of feeding and fighting – and what the surprising presence of some species says about our changing world.

This story first aired on the 11 December 2018 episode of Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4, ‘Seasons’. You can listen to it below, or on Short Cuts here.

Photograph of three hummingbirds flying around a feeder

Ever since they began, restaurants have been mirrors of who we are: our social aspirations – and our social inequalities, reflecting and refracting both our best and worst selves. And today, Canadians and Americans spend more money dining out than ever before.

Through conversations with restaurateurs, chefs, food sociologists and food historians, producers Michelle Macklem and Zoe Tennant ask one central question: what does this institution – the restaurant – reveal about us as people?

Top-down photograph of meats, cheeses, bread and antipasto laid out on a table, with hands of various skin colours reaching for food

This documentary, which I co-produced with Zoe Tennant, is composed of interviews and soundscapes recorded in two cities (New York and Toronto), four restaurants, an old tavern, and two kitchens.

The Restaurant is a story about the French Revolution, turtles, the Civil Rights movement, disappearing white table cloths, Williamsburg, sexual anxieties and colonization.

It first aired on CBC Ideas on 21 May 2018; it was also heard on KALW in the San Francisco Bay Area on 4 September 2018. You can listen to it here.

15 November 2017

How does trauma function in our lives even after we try to forget? ’15 Years’ is an audio documentary that follows Shereen Ashman as she attempts to confront the residual impact of a shooting that forever changed her life. ’15 Years’ aired on Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4. It was produced by Michelle Macklem, Shereen Ashman and Daniel Guillemette.

10 February 2017

Lorrie Edmonds was given up for adoption as just a newborn.

As an adult, she came to realize she wanted to know about her birth parents, but over time gave up hope of ever finding them. Lorrie knows some scattered details about her ‘bio parents’, but by the time she reaches middle age, the dream of reuniting slowly fades.

And then, out of nowhere: an e-mail.

What unfolds next is an emotional journey that takes Lorrie from her home in Montreal to the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

This 24-minute documentary feature aired on CBC’s The Doc Project on 27 October 2016. Listen to it here.


Longing to Belong documentary tile image

5 May 2016
Photo of two women hugging

Two women who fall in love. Both from separate paths that eventually converge over their experiences with disability, technology and how they see the world. Together, Danielle and Lindsay have built a life that celebrates the beautiful and the difficult. Selected as a part of Surround Sound Documentary Festival’s 2016 programming, airing in August. Originally aired as a part of Adaptive podcast series, episode 4. — Musical contribution in this episode by Lorrie Edmonds.

Analog is back in style – and this time, it’s the cassette tape making waves. Tapes sales are up by an astonishing amount in Canada. I set out to find out why they’re back on the rise. Who is listening? I produced this documentary about the cassette’s return for CBC Day 6, with an original score.

Photo of Sony Walkman

‘My Anxiety’ is a radio piece about the anxiety of moving through life with so many unknown factors. I wrote this piece as a method of trying to communicate my own anxieties to people around me. It was more than just a feeling of being overwhelmed – and through ‘My Anxiety’, I express how paralyzing these anxieties and pressures were for me.

I wanted to connect with other people that are going, or have gone, through a similar experience. To tell people that they’re not alone, and our anxieties are real. And while they may stem from us, these anxieties are built up from the weight of social pressures that permeate our lives.