28 May 2017

FEMBOT is your perfectly programmed girlfriend; hear her perform her role!

FEMBOT’ was broadcast on the excellent – and now sadly defunct – radio program Pocketdocs on ABC Radio National.

It was first produced for Third Coast Short Docs 2016 and featured in their Third Coast Picks selection.

Produced by Michelle Macklem, Katie Hill and Matthew Kariatsumari.


FEMBOT tile image

‘Alex’ first aired on The Heart’s ‘Ghost’ season in spring 2016.

Powerful memories are like paused tapes in our minds – a hum barely heard beneath the noise of our everyday – ready to be played at any moment.

This audio fiction explores the process of falling in love with someone, fading away and eventually discovering all that you have left of them is a memory. Carter, our narrator, is on a present-day first date with Frankie, but is distracted by memories of past lover, Alex, which play like a tape in his head. But with each replaying, the tapes seem to have warped – or maybe Carter has.

Produced by Mixtales: Dane Stewart, Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari and Michelle Macklem. Special thanks to Renée Hodgins, Emily Skahan and Mira Burt-Wintonick.

Pink 'Alex' tile image