15 November 2017

Constellations is an audio art project that illuminates work from a community of international artists craving and making experimental work that takes risks, and learns from other mediums.

Constellations curates and solicits audio art pieces from artists whose work floats beyond the borders of radio and podcasting. The pieces we air demand a deep listening experience, encouraging listeners to expand their conception of narrative, musicality and attention.

We release short and strange audio pieces from a wide range of audio makers and artists fortnightly on Fridays.

You can subscribe to Constellations on iTunes, or search for it on your favourite podcast app.

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Ode to My Last 10 Years of Dating (OTML10YOD) is an audio short story that charts the familiar sequences of romantic relationships. It stems from a personal experience, but embraces common feelings of closeness, connection, difficulty, love and loss. Let your mind wonder and project how you will.

OTML10YOD is written and composed by me.

It was released as a part of Constellations.

How does trauma function in our lives even after we try to forget? ’15 Years’ is an audio documentary that follows Shereen Ashman as she attempts to confront the residual impact of a shooting that forever changed her life. ’15 Years’ aired on Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4. It was produced by Michelle Macklem, Shereen Ashman and Daniel Guillemette.

28 May 2017

FEMBOT is your perfectly programmed girlfriend; hear her perform her role!

FEMBOT’ was broadcast on the excellent – and now sadly defunct – radio program Pocketdocs on ABC Radio National.

It was first produced for Third Coast Short Docs 2016 and featured in their Third Coast Picks selection.

Produced by Michelle Macklem, Katie Hill and Matthew Kariatsumari.


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15 October 2016

Swimmers aired on the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s podcast Re:sound, episode #227, and was a finalist for the Third Coast ShortDocs competition in 2016.

Swimming is my connection to home. It features field recordings from my hometown, Kelowna; my more recent home on Vancouver Island; and other sonic delights from around the globe, including underwater recordings I made with hydrophones.

Original score and sound design by me, with a short musical contribution by Manual Cinema.

Photo of a girl with arms folded, looking over the beach from a cliff

‘Alex’ first aired on The Heart’s ‘Ghost’ season in spring 2016.

Powerful memories are like paused tapes in our minds – a hum barely heard beneath the noise of our everyday – ready to be played at any moment.

This audio fiction explores the process of falling in love with someone, fading away and eventually discovering all that you have left of them is a memory. Carter, our narrator, is on a present-day first date with Frankie, but is distracted by memories of past lover, Alex, which play like a tape in his head. But with each replaying, the tapes seem to have warped – or maybe Carter has.

Produced by Mixtales: Dane Stewart, Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari and Michelle Macklem. Special thanks to Renée Hodgins, Emily Skahan and Mira Burt-Wintonick.

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‘My Anxiety’ was shortlisted in two categories at the HearSay International Arts Festival: Create HearSay2015 Gold and Best Student Produced.

You can listen to the piece here:

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I’ve been a regular contributor to CBC Spark. Here are some docs I’ve produced for the show. —

‘Reading by Ear’

Ever thought about the history of things like audio books? ‘Reading by Ear’ is a doc I produced for CBC Spark about the history of alternative reading formats – like Talking Books for the blind. I speak with Mara Mills, a professor from NYU, who is doing research on the history of Talking Books; and Shefeka Hashash, who used Talking Books as she was growing up. Talking Books have had a fascinating and forgotten history, especially in terms of how its related to the development of sound production technologies. Effects like Auto-Tune, for example, relate to the history of Talking Books.

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The Line Between Accessory and Assistive Technology

This segment explores how objects like glasses have transitioned from being associated with vision impairment to accessory for many people. And yet, other assistive technologies, like canes or hearing aids, haven’t made a similar transition. I examined how how labelling certain devices as assistive technologies, shapes our assumptions and treatment of the people who use them.

Why are glasses cool, but not hearing aids like this one, decorated with crystals? (Flickr cc/Soichi Yokoyama)

Analog is back in style – and this time, it’s the cassette tape making waves. Tapes sales are up by an astonishing amount in Canada. I set out to find out why they’re back on the rise. Who is listening? I produced this documentary about the cassette’s return for CBC Day 6, with an original score.

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4 January 0201

Waterfalls can immerse our ears in a noisy, overwhelming and repetitive sonic stream. This piece was composed with field recordings from a series of Icelandic waterfalls from the Vestfirðir (Westfjords). In Icelandic, ‘dynjandi’ means ‘thunder’ – and accordingly, this piece displays the sonic intensity and spectrum of the waterfalls. Under and above water recordings make-up the immersive experience of approaching Dynjandi and becoming entranced with its soundstate, as portions of the waterfall are brought into a sample-based soundscape.