15 October 2016

Swimmers aired on the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s podcast Re:sound, episode #227, and was a finalist for the Third Coast ShortDocs competition in 2016.

Swimming is my connection to home. It features field recordings from my hometown, Kelowna; my more recent home on Vancouver Island; and other sonic delights from around the globe, including underwater recordings I made with hydrophones.

Original score and sound design by me, with a short musical contribution by Manual Cinema.

Photo of a girl with arms folded, looking over the beach from a cliff

How do we sonically account for the inaudible communication that surrounds us? The endangered Rana Aurora, or Northern Red-Legged Frog, lives on the West coast of Canada and has a unique call that can only be heard underwater.

This piece uses underwater field recordings from Vancouver Island, pairing the sounds of the Rana Aurora with that of the human-constructed radio broadcast signal. It explores the sounds that surround us everyday, but that we fail to recognize.

Special thanks to Paige Erickson-McGee and the Habitat Acquisition Trust.

Photo of a frog