The podcast Love + Radio thrives on cultivating a kind of emotional tightrope, where the listener wavers from curiosity to contempt to empathy. The episodes ‘Jack and Ellen’ and ‘The Living Room’ have stark differences, particularly in terms of sound design, but their aesthetic and production values have a coherency that is exemplary of Love + Radio’s style.

“Empathy, Ethics and Aesthetics” was published in Radio Doc Review, vol. 3, issue 1 (2017).

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As a radio producer, the relationship with your subject or storyteller is can be tenuous, endearing and is ultimately a negotiation of the story you both want to tell. I wrote an article for CBC’s The Doc Project, called ‘When the Personal Becomes Public’, about my own subject/ collaborator working relationship during the process of making a documentary and reached out to several influential documentary makers to hear their take. Read it here.