30 December 2018

I’ve presented at audio festivals and conferences including Third Coast International Audio Festival (Chicago, USA) and Audiocraft (Sydney, Australia).

‘The Art of Noise: A history of experimental radio’ at Third Coast International Audio Festival 2018

Join Andrew Leland and Michelle Macklem as they trace the roots of narrative audio from some of the form’s newest producers back through radio history to the medium’s original innovators, with an emphasis on underrepresented and underheard artists. Andrew and Michelle make a case for the future of experimentation by exploring a treasure-trove of work that has shaped, and weirdened, the way narrative audio sounds.

What does it mean for a podcast or radio story to be ‘innovative’ or ‘experimental’? Is it in the writing? The structure? The use of sound?

This session, co-presented with Andrew Leland (The Organist), will be available to listen to on the Third Coast Pocket Conference podcast in early 2019.

See also: a map of experimental radio influences, drafted for the presentation

Audiocraft 2018

‘Audio Ephemera’

Many podcasts have sprung out of radio journalism. But Constellations pushes profoundly into the nature of listening, and digs into the possibilities of sound art, poetry, and music. This session explores the way audio ephemera and experimental approaches can deepen stories and transform the listener experience.

I presented a Constellations listening session at Audiocraft Podcast Festival in Sydney.

‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’

S-Town stole its omnipresent narrator from novels. Homecoming used film-inspired foley design. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel takes cues from reality TV. The next genius idea isn’t going to come from another podcast: it’s going to beg, borrow and steal from all sorts of mediums. In this session, five of your favourite audio producers lift the lid on their creative process and share wisdom from outside the audio world that has influenced their structure, style or form.

Alongside Natalie Kestecher, Joel Werner, Helen Zaltzman and Jon Tjhia, I was part of Audiocraft’s closing keynote session – which explored the value of non-radio influences on radio makers.